Nick Ferrari Cuts Off Guest Who Says UK "Forces" Migrants To Cross Channel

3 January 2019, 07:43

When this guest told LBC that the UK "forces" migrants to take the dangerous journey across the Channel, Nick Ferrari wouldn't let him get away with it.

The Navy has been called to patrol the sea after more than 200 people have made the journey from France since November.

Chai Patel from the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants insisted the crisis is the UK's fault, saying: "What we do is we effectively force people into very dangerous journeys."

Mr Patel was reticent to explain his comments, but after Nick asked him for a fourth time, he said: "There are some people who are genuine asylum seekers who for various reasons who are absolutely desperate to get to the UK.

"Alp [Mehmet] suggested there was a legal way to claim asylum in the UK. Frankly, if you're stuck in France, there isn't any practical legal way by which you can lodge an asylum claim. They are forced into a journey across the Channel."

Nick Ferrari ended up hanging up on his guest
Nick Ferrari ended up hanging up on his guest. Picture: LBC

Nick pointed out that was the point of the Treaty of Dublin, which says that refugees should claim asylum in the first safe country they land in, adding: "Why don't you afford the Treaty of Dublin any respect?"

Mr Patel insisted that wasn't true, but a frustrated Nick told him, "Well I've just read it, so I think we'll leave it there," before hanging up on him.

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