Nick Ferrari: We Should Deport British-Born Terrorists

22 March 2017, 08:56

As Germany deports two terror suspects born in the country but whose parents are foreign, Nick Ferrari pleads with British authorities to do the same.

The men, a 27-year-old Algerian and a 22-year-old Nigerian, were arrested last month on suspicion of planning a terror attack. A gun and an Isis flag were found in their homes and authorities labelled them "dangerous".

Neither of them have never been charged, as police could not find evidence they were planning an attack. But the two men are to be returned to the country of their father, even though they were born in Germany.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "Wouldn't that be fantastic if we could bring that in in this country?

"Obviously only for serious offences. I'm going to let you off shoplifting. Rape? You're going home. "It's not my home." I don't care, I couldn't care. Your dad was born in Somalia, you're out of here. Well done, go back. Paedophile offences, you're outta here. Serious assault, you're out of here. Obviously terror. Anything associated with terror, you're back. Go back to Tunisia, go back to wherever you're from, go back to Australia, I don't give a damn, go back to Norway, go back to Iran. I don't care where you are from.

"Wouldn't that be a breath of fresh air?

"But of course you know it would never happen here because there would be an army of lawyers trooping to the nearest court saying it was a breach of their human rights and possibly discovering that one of them had a pet goldfish and it wouldn't be fair to deport him."