Nick Ferrari's Hilarious Response To Caller's Unusual Heathrow Solution

5 June 2018, 10:16

This was Nick Ferrari's hilarious reaction when a caller suggested using tiny Manston Airport to help the expansion of Heathrow.

Caller Graham suggested that if we move all the freight goods from Heathrow and put them in the closed-down Kent airport, that would open up Heathrow for more passenger flights without the need for expansion.

Nick dismissed the idea as Manston is so unaccessible, but when Graham brought up the option again, Nick lost it.

Nick Ferrari's hilarious reaction to caller Graham
Nick Ferrari's hilarious reaction to caller Graham. Picture: LBC

He boomed: "We're not going to Manston, what's your obsession with Manston?

"No one knows where it bloody well is, there are no roads that go there. There's a track that you can just about get one car down with a passing point and if you've got a horse and cart down there, then you can't get out.

"We are NOT going to Manston. NEXT!"

When Graham suggested that improving the roads around Heathrow would be more expensive that widening the road to Manston, Nick shrieked: "There is no road to Manston!"

Graham asked Nick to forget the road issue, but Nick insisted: "There is no road to forget!"

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