Nick Ferrari Lays Into "Incompetent" Extinction Rebellion Activist Over Stunts

4 October 2019, 08:50 | Updated: 4 October 2019, 08:52

Nick Ferrari asked an Extinction Rebellion activist four times what they will achieve by putting people's lives at risk with their stunts - and the protester couldn't answer.

The climate change group say they will "shut down" London for two weeks, starting on Monday, to try to force the government to act over the climate emergency. It follows their action earlier this year, when they blocked roads across the capital.

During Speak To Sadiq with James O'Brien yesterday, Mayor Sadiq Khan told LBC that police are having to be diverted from dealing with knife crime to deal with the activists.

Speaking to Rob Cooper, an Extinction Rebellion activist who used to be a police officer, Nick warned him someone could die because of their action.

He told him: "You're a former copper. You know how serious it is in a city like this where there is a lot of knife crime.

"Your colleagues in London plan to close down 10 roads around Westminster. There is a major London hospital there. Someone desperately needs to get to hospital and your colleagues prevent them getting there and they die. What does that achieve?"

Nick Ferrari took this Extinction Rebellion activist to tast
Nick Ferrari took this Extinction Rebellion activist to tast. Picture: PA / LBC

Mr Cooper tried to claim that the group were working with the police to ensure access for emergency services.

But Nick insisted: "Last time, there was no access or departure over one of the bridges next to the hospital by the House of Commons. You couldn't get over there, only on a bicycle.

"So, there is a very real possibility someone will die, or people who need to get to relatives who are dying won't get there. What does that achieve?"

The protester responded by talking about how the government are not taking the climate emergency seriously.

However, Nick then told him: "Respectfully, I just need to know how taking police away, how someone not being able to get to a dying or sick relative, how someone dying in an ambulance will get you public support.

"You're supporting this insanity. As ever, this is a very blunt and incompetent weapon and tool."