Nick Ferrari Makes Brilliant Point About Why Using Spit Hoods Is The Right Decision

8 February 2019, 07:58

Nick Ferrari told an anti-spit hood campaigner that if people don't want to wear a spit hood, they shouldn't spit at police officers.

The Met Police have announced that officers will be allowed to put the mesh guards over the heads of suspects if they have been spat at.

That came after Nick Ferrari's fiery row with Commissioner Cressida Dick went viral when he wore one of the hoods for the interview.

Campaigner Ken Hinds told Nick that the introduction of the masks was a vast over-reaction and he hadn't heard of any cases where this was a problem.

But Nick told him that he was proud his work had led to their introduction.

Nick Ferrari wearing a spit hood
Nick Ferrari wearing a spit hood. Picture: LBC

After Mr Hinds warned it could cause claustrophobia, Nick pointed out: "It won't cause claustrophobia if they don't spit at a police officer, because they won't wear it.

"If you're claustrophobic, don't spit at a police officer. It's very simple. You're not going to wear one unless you bite an officer or spit at him or her."

Mr Hinds insisted he would keep monitoring how police are using the new tool, but Nick told him: "You monitor as closely as you like. You keep on monitoring and I'll keep on protecting the police officers."

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