Nick Ferrari Schools Caller Who Says Neo-Nazi Couple “Aren’t Far-Right”

19 December 2018, 09:10

Nick Ferrari got tough with this caller who claimed it was wrong to call a neo-Nazi couple who named their baby after Hitler “far-right”.

Adam Thomas, 22, and Claudia Patatas, 38, from Banbury, Oxfordshire, have now both been jailed after being found guilty of being members of a banned right-wing group.

Thomas was locked up for six years and six months while Patatas got five years.

Thomas’ home featured swastika scatter cushions and the pair gave their child the middle name “Adolf”.

But, caller Jakub phoned Nick to take issue with the pair being described as “far-right”.

Adam Thomas, 22, and Claudia Patatas, 38, have both been jailed
Adam Thomas, 22, and Claudia Patatas, 38, have both been jailed. Picture: LBC/West Mids Police

“They cannot be far-right because neo-Nazi comes from national socialism,” the caller claimed.

“It was a fascist party,” Nick retorted. “Honestly, I was hoping you’d contribute a little bit more than this.

“It was a far-right party, it was a fascist party, it believed in exterminating people who didn’t see it their way, this couple - not only were they obsessed with the Nazis - they were also obsessed with the KKK, presumably you’re going to tell me that’s like a male version of the Girl Guides?”

Nick finished: “Offer me something better or you’re gone.”

Jakub replied: “I don’t think we should sentence them, because we cannot sentence just for having some different ideas.”

But Nick wasn’t going to let lie, hitting back again.

Watch above.