Nick Ferrari Shames Police Who Refuse To Share Bomber Command CCTV

24 January 2019, 12:49

The Met Police have CCTV of the Bomber Command attack, but are refusing to release it. An angry Nick Ferrari demands to know why.

Earlier this week, white paint was splashed over the memorial to the Bomber Command in Green Park and the perpetrators are yet to be caught.

Nick discovered today that the police have CCTV of the incident, but do not plan to release it. And he had one word for them - why?

He said: "There's a bit of a mealy-mouthed comment from a Met spokesman, 'It could potentially hinder lines of enquiry'.

"What a parcel of cobblers. If you've got video of a couple of herberts running around with a pot of Dulux, we need to know about it, don't we?"

Nick Ferrari had this message for police
Nick Ferrari had this message for police. Picture: LBC / RAF Benevolent Fund

The Met Police told LBC: “Releasing the CCTV is a decision for the investigating officers, as and if/when they feel the time is right to do this to progress the investigation.

"In any case, we would normally circulate possible suspect images internally (if we have any) amongst officers first, before considering wider release."