Nick Ferrari Slams Lawyer Who Laughs At Inconvenience Caused By Stansted 15

7 February 2019, 13:36 | Updated: 7 February 2019, 13:37

Nick Ferrari tore into this human rights lawyer who laughed about the inconvenience caused by the Stansted 15 protesters.

The group, who broke through a fence at the Essex airport to stop a plane deporting people to Africa, have avoided immediate jail sentences.

They attached themselves to the Boeing 767 and forced the runway to close for more than an hour on 28 March 2017.

Twenty-three incoming flights had to be diverted.

Nick Ferrari slammed a human rights lawyer who was defending the group
Nick Ferrari slammed a human rights lawyer who was defending the group. Picture: LBC/PA

Debating the topic with human rights lawyer Shoaib Khan, Nick asked him: “Why do they have the right to inconvenience at least 2,500 people in mid-air, goodness knows how many more thousands on the ground?”

Mr Khan chuckled but instantly felt the wrath of Nick, who hit back: “Why are you laughing?”

“Because that’s a very minor inconvenience,” the lawyer replied. “Someone’s flight back from holiday gets delayed for an hour, it’s a very minor inconvenience.”

Nick retorted: “How do you know all of the people were back from holiday?

"Perhaps they were coming in for medical appointments, perhaps funerals, important business meetings, perhaps business was lost.

“Are you still laughing Mr Khan?”