Nick Ferrari takes on caller over working from home "laziness"

17 August 2020, 13:41

By Fiona Jones

Nick Ferrari believes that all people should be working in the office now - this caller tells him why working from home is better.

The caller Caroline is in finance and has been working remotely since March; her company is expecting people to return to the office in 2021.

She told Nick she does not miss the office or want to get on expensive public transport to do a job she could do from home.

Socialising with colleagues still occurs via Zoom calls and remote events, she said to Nick.

As for motivating the people she manages, she has got to know them better over lockdown as there are more one-to-one interactions.

"We try and be a bit more humane about our interactions," Caroline said.

Nick said for creative industries "the best output" is created when people are together; Caroline agreed with this yet pointed out people do not want to come to the office with the pandemic still very much present.

"People sitting there with a cup of coffee in their front room does not work, it's lazy," Nick Ferrari said.

Caroline asked whether Nick was prepared to "get the R rate up again" in order to have people travel to the office - Nick had to concede that he of course did not want the spread of the virus and anyone with symptoms should continue to work from home.