Nick Ferrari's Disgusted Reaction When He Hears The New Name For Trinity Mirror

5 March 2018, 07:55 | Updated: 5 March 2018, 11:41

Nick Ferrari couldn't believe what he was hearing when LBC's Business Correspondent told him what the new name of Trinity Mirror was going to be.

The parent company of the Daily Mirror recently purchased Express And Star Newspapers in a £200million deal.

Declan Curry told Nick Ferrari: "The new name is going to be... Reach. They are changing the company name to Reach to reflect its wider reach."

Nick's stunned response: "Are you serious?"

Nick Ferrari had his head in his hands
Nick Ferrari had his head in his hands. Picture: LBC

He explained: "I had shares when they were called Mirror Group Newspapers, then Trinity, then Trinity Mirror and now Reach.

"Those shares... I may as well paper my bathroom with them."