Nick Ferrari's Explosive Row With Extinction Rebellion Supporter

11 October 2019, 09:37

Nick Ferrari was involved in a fiery row with an Extinction Rebellion backer after he said the protest group had blood on their hands following two murders in London.

The Met Police have drafted in officers from all over the country to deal with the climate change demonstrations, with over 1,000 people being arrested in the first four days.

After two young men were stabbed to death in the capital, Nick said Extinction Rebellion have to accept some responsibility for it.

That made Andy from Hastings call in to label it a "cynical exploitation of a horrible tragedy".

He insisted: "It's wrong that, because there's a lot of people protesting peacefully that they are somehow responsible for the decisions by the police to allocate people to suppress a peaceful rebellion."

Nick Ferrari rowed with an Extinction Rebellion protester
Nick Ferrari rowed with an Extinction Rebellion protester. Picture: PA / LBC

But Nick pointed out: "While it's peaceful, it's hugely disruptive in not allowing people to depart an airport safely on an aircraft. So you have to throw huge resources at that.

"But that's wrong.

"It's more important to prevent teenage boys being fatally stabbed in London than looking after this bunch of soap dodgers in Trafalgar Square."

Things then got even more heated. Watch the full clip at the top of the page.