Nick Ferrari's fiery row with Tory MP over "absurd" quarantine rules

4 June 2020, 14:42

By Fiona Jones

This was Nick Ferrari's fiery row with a Tory MP over the "absurd" 14 day quarantine plan for UK arrivals.

On Nick Ferrari's LBC show, he put it to Conservative MP Andrew Griffith that the Prime Minister is "not doing very well" in PMQs and is "being bested by Sir Keir."

The MP for Arundel and South Downs disagreed: "The role of Prime Minister's Questions is to be broad-ranging and cover the whole area of policy...[like] aviation. Yesterday the House of Commons spent most of its time talking about aviation."

Nick Ferrari said he was "staggered" the MP brought this up as "this absurd quarantine plan is going to destroy" the industry - "that's yet another shambles on the doorstep."

This was after plans to enforce a 14 day isolation for almost all arrivals to the UK were confirmed by the home secretary.

The Tory MP insisted no one had been arriving in the UK from May 23 until now
The Tory MP insisted no one had been arriving in the UK from May 23 until now. Picture: LBC/PA

Mr Griffiths replied that this was merely an example of the government handling conflicting objectives to maintain economic growth and to stop infective people entering the UK and piling pressure on the NHS.

"Why wasn't this done weeks ago, if it's so damned important? Why did we talk about it on May 23 and implement it on June 8?" asked Nick, pointing out the Border Force were not on lockdown during this period.

"Nobody has been arriving at our airports in that period," said Mr Griffith.

Nick responded: "Of course they have, flights are coming in from Wuhan, Mr Griffith. Check Flight Tracker. Flights are coming in from Wuhan and they are walking through and nothing is done.

"You tell me that this government cares about the aviation industry, I suggest you take some time to look at that and research it and you will see."