Nick Ferrari's heated debate with caller over "shameful" national lockdown

6 November 2020, 08:19 | Updated: 6 November 2020, 08:22

By Fiona Jones

Nick Ferrari had a heated debate with this caller over whether England should be locked down after it was found that the data predicting death forecasts was "wrong" and has quietly been revised.

Official projections which pushed the country into a national lockdown have been revised after it was found the data used was "out of date."

The caller Joe from Truro told Nick that he is "partly to blame" for England's national lockdown due to the "indignation" he has for the Covid measures.

Nick responded: "So it's not chief scientific officers, and medical officers who give out graphs and figures that are's not that those figures now are quietly amended, and it's not that they were more than three weeks old, and it's not that they were based on 29 hospitals instead of 428, I'm the problem?"

"We have closed down a country on a model or a scenario, not a projection," Nick told the caller, "to close a country down on figures that are nearly a month old, it's shameful."

The caller responded that Nick was "scoffing" at the measures despite 500 people dying a day from coronavirus.

The SAGE scientists have recently amended their daily death predictions, said Nick, "So that's 33% out and businesses are dying, day by day by day. Businesses that have been run by families for decades are closing their doors never to reopen.

"Why can't we see the science? Why can't we see the Government's workings? How come they're allowed to destroy businesses?"

The caller insisted that "we can see the science" and Nick pointed out that the science was wrong, in the Government agency's own words.

Nick branded the lockdown rules "absurd" as he is allowed to get on a plane with a complete stranger but not allowed to go the gym with his partner to work out.

He told Joe, "Don't just believe everything they tell you...I'm not saying we don't have to have some restrictions, of course we have...but don't buy this cobblers, they don't know what they're doing!"