Nick Ferrari's Hilarious Take On The State Of BBC Programmes

21 November 2018, 13:21

The BBC says programming will suffer unless over-75s are made to pay for the licence fee - but after reading through today’s TV listings, Nick Ferrari declared “it couldn’t get any worse”.

The corporation has launched a 12-week consultation to decide how licence fees for over-75s should be paid for in the future.

It’s because the current scheme is funded by the government, and that is due to end in 2020.

Nick Ferrari had a hilarious take on the BBC listings
Nick Ferrari had a hilarious take on the BBC listings. Picture: PA/LBC

The BBC is warning channels will have to close and cuts to services made - unless the estimated £745m funding gap is plugged.

But Nick Ferrari believes it couldn’t get any worse.

After reading through today’s BBC One and BBC Two listings, he boomed: “They say the programming will suffer? It couldn’t be bloody worse if they worked at it.

“It’s shocking. Fire the damn lot of them and get some people who can make some proper bloody programmes.”

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