Nick Has It Out With Angry Homophobic Caller

27 July 2017, 09:58 | Updated: 27 July 2017, 10:50

This caller went on a tirade about homosexuality, which he branded 'vile and immoral'. But that's not all this caller was angry about.

Nick Ferrari spoke with an editor from independent media organisation Novara Media and Muslim feminist, Ash Sarkar, about the first liberal mosque opening up in the UK.

The pair discussed whether members of the Muslim religion feel confident to be openly gay, and about changing attitudes in the community.

They spoke about 'burkinis' versus bikinis on beaches, with Ash suggesting they both have patriarchal roots.

One caller, Sam in Bayswater, was furious about the content of the interview and phoned up to say his piece.

The father-of-six said he is appalled by scantily-clad women on beaches, and "outraged", not by burkinis, but by the way women 'parade' around on beaches in 2017.

He told Nick: "It's not something I want my children to see."

Nick had spoken to a guest beforehand about burkinis and bikinis Photo: PA
Nick had spoken to a guest beforehand about burkinis and bikinis Photo: PA. Picture: PA

Nick replied: "Well don't take them to the beach,'re going to have to put up with it we live in the west."

Sam continued: "I tell you what's going to be happening next, morals is declining in our society, two: you'll be able to have sex on the street."

Nick attempted to ask another question while Sam continued his tirade against society today.

Nick tried again. And again, while Sam continued to mumble a rant. Nick eventually managed to interject: "Earth calling Sam! What are you basing that on?"

Sam still hadn't stopped, and finished his by saying: "They said it never would be legalised and now it's legal, it's in your face--"

Nick asked: "What is?"

Sam said: "Homosexuality, for example."

Nick questioned: "Is that a bad thing to be tolerant then?"

The caller went on to get increasingly angry. Watch the pair debate it out above.