Nick Schools Caller Who Dismissed Court Evidence "Because He Read Something Online"

2 February 2018, 08:46

Nick Ferrari was involved in an angry row with a caller who refused to believe evidence from the Finsbury Park court case, because he had read something on the internet.

Yesterday, Darren Osborne was convicted of murder and attempted murder after he deliberately drove a van into a group of Muslims last summer.

During the court case, Prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC revealed Osborne had received an email warning of the rise of Islam from an account linked to Tommy Robinson days earlier.

But when Mick called in to complain about the coverage of the case and insisted that Muslims are regularly let off by authorities, Nick took him to task.

Nick Ferrari got into a row with a caller over the Darren Osborne court case
Nick Ferrari got into a row with a caller over the Darren Osborne court case. Picture: LBC / Met Police

Mick accused a newspaper report based on the court evidence as lies, so Nick told him: "It's not lies, so either we're going to have a conversation on facts or I'll bid you a fond farewell."

The caller kept saying that the court evidence was wrong, based on different things he had seen online - which earned him a series of rebukes from Nick.

"Stop it! Just because someone online says he's a Muslim, it doesn't mean they are Muslims. Do you not get it?

"I don't know how real news is going to cope with all of this, you know. I'm sure this guy is a decent enough fellow, but he just won't have it, will he?

"This is a court document. 'It's a lie'. It's impossible."