Nick Takes Aim At Kevin Spacey Over Response To Harassment Claims

17 November 2017, 09:36

Nick Ferrari labelled Kevin Spacey's response to the harassment claims "hideous".

The Old Vic, where Kevin Spacey worked as the Artistic Director from 2003, has apologised after revealing it has received 20 allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

When the first allegation came out, Mr Spacey attempted to reduce the publicity by coming out as gay.

Nick was furious by his response, saying: "How hideous that this potential repeat offender chose last month in an effort to wriggle out of the first of a series of a battery of accusations said 'Ah, but I happen to be gay'.

"Ah well that's it then, that's why you go after you'd allegedly go after a fourteen year old boy at a party.

"How ghastly. How unfair to perfectly decent people who happen to be homosexual and have no intention of trying to force himself on a child. Just appalling.

"And this level, again because of the power, because of the star status of Kevin Spacey, nothing was done."

Nick Ferrari criticised Kevin Spacey's response to the harassment claims
Nick Ferrari criticised Kevin Spacey's response to the harassment claims. Picture: PA / LBC

Nick was also dismissive of Mr Spacey attending the same addiction clinic as shamed Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein.

He added: "There's been no response from Kevin Spacey, he is still receiving treatment for his addictions, interestingly enough, in exactly the same clinic where Harvey Weinstein is also being treated.

"Part of their treatment is yoga sessions and stroking horses. Yoga sessions and stroking horses, yes that's going to solve the problems I'm sure."