Nigel Farage Reveals His Price For Standing Aside For Boris Johnson In General Election

11 September 2019, 08:47 | Updated: 11 September 2019, 12:53

Nigel Farage says he will help Boris Johnson to win a General Election - if he walks away from "Theresa May's appalling deal".

The Brexit Party leader has offered not to stand any candidates against Brexit-supporting Conservatives - if the Tories do the same in seats that they can't win.

Mr Farage and his team have identified 90 Labour seats, mainly in the Midlands and the North, which they say the Conservatives can't win but the Brexit Party could.

Unveiling his plan this morning, Mr Farage said: "The Labour Party now want a second referendum and from what Mr Corbyn said yesterday, not even give us a clear choice of leaving properly.

"The Brexit Party wants to leave the European Union. Boris Johnson says the Conservative Party want to leave the European Union. If we stand against each other, there is absolutely no way Boris Johnson can win a majority.

"But there is a very simple way through this. If Boris's Conservatives fight the election on a message that they want a clean-break-Brexit, then what we will do is be prepared to stand aside and even support their candidates in seats where they've got the best chance of winning if they'll do the same for us in seats where we've got the best chance of winning.

"That really applies to areas of the country, particularly seats where Labour have held the seat for decades, where the people voted Leave in the referendum and where the Labour MP is a Remainer.

"These are seats the Conservatives are never ever going to win for cultural reasons, but we've got a good chance."

Nigel Farage spoke to Nick Ferrari
Nigel Farage spoke to Nick Ferrari. Picture: LBC

Responding to Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson's call for a second referendum before any General Election, Mr Farage said: "John McDonnell, Tom Watson, Emily Thornberry, Diane Abbott - virtually everybody in any senior position in the Labour Party is now an out and out Remainer.

"They want a second referendum. They want to campaign for remain. They have completely betrayed up to 5million Labour voters who voted Brexit and voted Labour in 2017 and did so on a Labour manifesto that they would respect the result and enact Brexit.

"They probably are the angriest group of voters in this country."