"Nasty and filled with jealousy": Nigel Farage criticises Labour manifesto

22 November 2019, 09:30

Nigel Farage labelled the Labour manifesto as "nasty" and "filled with jealousy" as he prepared to unveil the Brexit Party's pledges for the general election.

Jeremy Corbyn unveiled his plan for the next five years, including scrapping tuition fees, big pay rises for the public sector and the nationalisation a number of utilities including trains and broadband.

Speaking ahead of the Brexit Party launched their plans, Mr Farage didn't hold back on his thoughts on Labour's policies.

He told LBC: "It was filled with jealousy. I think singling out rich successful people as objects of hate is nasty.

"I think the economics of it is just la-la-land. It would be a disaster."

Nigel Farage criticised Jeremy Corbyn's plan
Nigel Farage criticised Jeremy Corbyn's plan. Picture: PA

Mr Farage revealed that the Brexit Party's policies would include scrapping the TV license and ensuring that it's easier for entrepreneurs to get their business of the ground.

He told Nick Ferrari that his pledges are designed to help normal people up and down the country.

He added: "I said on the day after Brexit, it should be a victory for the little people. Well it's about time they got recognised."