Nigel Farage tells Nick Ferrari what he plans to do post-Brexit

13 December 2019, 12:02

Nigel Farage addressed rumours that he might set up a new party or help Donald Trump in his re-election bid.

Speaking on the General Election, Nigel Farage said: "The really important point, Nick, is we will be leaving at the end of January. I don't like the deal as it currently is but in historical terms, there will be no second referendum and we are leaving, so it's a big result."

Nick Ferrari asked Farage why his party didn't break through. Farage blamed it on problems with our electoral system.

He said: "First Past the Post drives people into binary choices, whether they like it or not. I've long been an advocate for the system changing, of course, but last night was what it was."

Nigel Farage tells Nick Ferrari what he plans to do post-Brexit
Nigel Farage tells Nick Ferrari what he plans to do post-Brexit. Picture: LBC

Farage added that "compared to the thought of the Marxist government and the second referendum, this is a good outcome".

Nick Ferrari asked Nigel Farage about setting up a 'Reform Party'.

Farage replied: "Even with a big historic collection like last night, most constituencies simply never ever change hands and and I think a degree of proportionality would give us more positive politics than we've got.

"I've got still grave reservations about the postal voting system.

"I think we've got to have a written constitution because otherwise we have a Supreme Court that's out of control.

The idea that you can check your mates in the House of Lords or party donors belongs to the time of Henry VIII."

Ferrari asked if that's what Farage would turn his attentions to.

He said: "That is a thought I've got, Nick. But I have to make another decision too, don't I? I mean, I've been on this for over 25 years.

Nick Ferrari asked about their poor polling in this General Election.

Nigel Farage defended how they did by saying they help the Tories win seats in the Midlands and the North.

Finally, asked whether he'd be helping Trump on his 2020 campaign - Farage told Nick Ferarri not to believe everything he reads.