David Gauke MP Says No Deal Brexit Would Mean "Significant Impact On Living Standards"

16 May 2019, 13:28 | Updated: 16 May 2019, 13:34

When Nick Ferrari asked the Tory MP David Gauke why he thought business people were leaving the Conservative Party in "record number," Mr Gauke blamed it on Brexit

The Secretary of State for Justice said the Tories were "clearly going through a very challenging set of circumstances because of Brexit."

But he recognised people were divided over leaving the EU, saying there were business people on either side of the debate.

"We obviously haven't been able to deliver Brexit as yet," Mr Gauke said, adding that it had caused the Conservative party "significant challenge with the public."

He explained to Nick Ferrari that the Tories were attacked from both sides, but the Cabinet member said he believes leaving the EU with a deal is "the right answer."

The Tory MP said the government was working hard with people "across Parliament," to get the Prime Minister's EU Withdrawal Agreement passed to allow Brexit to move on to the next stage.

David Gauke said that revoking Article 50 would "undermine trust in our political systems."
David Gauke said that revoking Article 50 would "undermine trust in our political systems.". Picture: PA/LBC

Speaking of the on going cross-party talks between Labour and the government Mr Gauke said while the Labour party haven't "walked away" from discussions, the opposition weren't "rushing to make concessions."

"We have to work with the Parliament that we have," but that Parliament won't support leaving the EU without a deal. For "understandable reasons" Mr Gauke said.

Criticising politicians in Westminster the South West Hertfordshire MP said that Parliament hasn't supported the deal on offer, or "come forward with an alternative."

The MP said that the Prime Minister had shown "remarkable resilience and persistence."

But, he warned that leaving the EU with no deal would have a "significant impact" on living standards in the UK.

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