Nick Ferrari Tells People's Vote Marchers: You Don't Speak For The UK

22 October 2018, 09:38

Nick Ferrari told the marchers from the People's Vote protest: "You don't speak for the whole of Britain".

Organisers claimed 670,000 people attended the march through central London on Saturday to demand a referendum on the deal that Theresa May gets for Brexit.

But Nick told the demonstrators that if they left the London bubble and went out of the M25, things would be very different.

Nick Ferrari had a message for the People's Vote marcher
Nick Ferrari had a message for the People's Vote marcher. Picture: LBC / PA

He said: "People like Eddie Izzard, Mariella Frostrup and Hugh Grant - don't they realise that that is the very metropolitan elite that people in Blackburn and Sunderland and Bradford all voted against. They may as well be living on a different planet to Eddie Izzard.

"It represents a section of society, but it doesn't represent the whole of society. That I think is the difference.

"Once you get out of, never mind Islington, once you get out of the M25, it is a different picture."