Piers Morgan tells LBC why Trump won't win the election

13 October 2020, 10:32

By Kate Buck

Piers Morgan has given his reasons why Donald Trump won't win the Presidential re-election, saying the coronavirus pandemic "found him out".

Speaking with LBC's Nick Ferrari, the former newspaper editor said the US President, who he has known since 2006, was a "very loyal friend" and would regularly call to check in.

But despite initially being an ardent supporter of Trump, in recent months Piers has become a critique of the 45th President, as the country became gripped by mass riots following the death of George Floyd, coupled with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has killed more the 215,000 Americans and infected almost eight million.

At the beginning of 2020 Trump was doing well - he had a roaring economy, he'd taken out the head of Isis, taken out the head of the Iranian military and was forging positive relationships with countries like Russia and North Korea.

"In many ways, you could say in January he was storming to a very comfortable reelection", Piers told Nick.

"Then he got hit by the pandemic. And in the same way as Boris Johnson in this country had a particular skills set to get elected in December, in the same way Trump did by being very populist and very upbeat and overtly positive.

"When these rather populist leaders got hit by a very serious health crisis those skills turned out to be very useless. In fact what the world needed were more Angela Merkels, former physicists who had the right idea of how seriously to take this and how to take appropriate action.

"Trump I think has been found out by the pandemic."

Marking his predictions for the 3 November election, Piers added: "I think he's going to get unseated in three weeks time unless something extraordinary happens.

"People are exhausted of the Trump circus in America and I think that when so many have died and you saw all the protests after the George Floyd killing and the cack-handed way he dealt with that too, I just feel like he's had a terrible year and America wants a period to reset and calm down."

Watch the full exchange between Nick and Piers in the video above.