PM’s Brexit Deal “Head And Shoulders” Above The Rest, Education Secretary Says

2 April 2019, 13:21

Theresa May’s Brexit deal remains “head and shoulders” above other options for Britain’s EU exit, Education Secretary Damian Hinds said on Tuesday.

He spoke to Nick Ferrari ahead of the Prime Minister’s mammoth Cabinet session to try and break the Brexit deadlock.

Last night, MPs failed to find a majority on four alternative options following another round of “indicative votes”.

Damian Hinds spoke to LBC on Tuesday
Damian Hinds spoke to LBC on Tuesday. Picture: LBC

There are rumours the Prime Minister could bring her deal back for another “Meaningful Vote” this week.

And Mr Hinds believes it’s bar far the best option on the table.

He said: “I think the UK deal, the deal that our country has negotiated with the European Union remains head and shoulders above other options for how we might leave the European Union.

“If we move quickly this week, it may still be possible to avoid having those European parliament elections and for us to be able to get on and do this.”