"Police are sick of working for spineless people," says ex-officer

29 October 2020, 10:46

By Fiona Jones

Ex-officer Alan told LBC that the police "are sick of working for spineless people" and the issue with the justice system lies in the organisation.

The public are losing faith in the police as many offenders are not brought to justice, a report has found.

Ex-officer Alan told LBC that the problem lies within the structure and management of the force itself. He pointed out that if a company was losing countless workers, they would question why - yet the same is not being done in this sector.

Officers are leaving "a lot sooner" than the thirty year mark, which is when an officer earns the right to a lifetime pension, and instead people may be leaving two or three years before that time.

"They've got a countdown on their job computer telling them exactly how many days they've got to work," Alan said.

"The reason why they're doing that is they're sick to the back teeth of working for spineless people, and it's great being able to say that now and out of the job," Alan said, explaining that when he worked in the transport unit at the Metropolitan Police his superintendent wanted officers on buses surveying people about their journey instead of arresting people.

He told Nick that that to add fuel to the fire, the organisation now has people coming in to it who "six weeks ago were packing shelves in Asda" and are simply handed a detective badge.