Police Hit Back At Diane Abbott After She Criticised Officers' Treatment Of Black Men

8 October 2018, 08:08 | Updated: 8 October 2018, 09:29

Diane Abbott
Diane Abbott. Picture: PA

Dianne Abbott has been criticised by police for claiming that officers are using a ‘disproportionate level of force’ to arrest young black men.

The Shadow Home Secretary tweeted a link to a video of police wrestling a black man to the floor in Brent on Thursday.

Ms Abbott wrote: "Too often a disproportionate level of force is used by police against young black men. It has to stop.

"Evidence based stop & search is important in fighting crime, but all that we see here is the type of video that poisons police-community relations."

But John Apter, the chairman of the Police Federation, was furious with the comments, saying: "These comments are inflammatory and cause tensions within communities.

"Such sweeping anti-police statements without knowing the facts are incredibly damaging. It is comments like these which poison police-community relations."

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