Nick Ferrari Fumes At Police Inaction At Extinction Rebellion Protest

16 July 2019, 07:25 | Updated: 16 July 2019, 09:46

Nick Ferrari was furious that the police just stood and watched as the Extinction Rebellion protesters parked a blue boat in the middle of The Strand.

The climate change activists blocked the key road outside the Royal Courts of Justice as day one of their week-long action.

And Nick couldn't believe that a huge number of police officers not only stood by - but actually helped the protesters move the boat into place.

Speaking on his LBC show, Nick said: "We have a police force who are either just watching in their dozens as a blue boat is towed around London. Or actually facilitating as the world watches and laughs.

"No one has got the cojones to actually make a decision, to say 'Come on lads, in. Take the boat, tow it off to some yard in Tooting, lock it up and if anyone gets in the way, then nick 'em.'

"We've got a police force who are either telling editors what to do or helping protesters."

Police guard the boat as it moves down The Strand
Police guard the boat as it moves down The Strand. Picture: LBC

Nick's rage is all the more remarkable as he is one of the biggest backers of the police. He added: "This is extraordinary. They've even managed to lose me now and I'm one of the most pro-police presenters you'll ever find.

"I think they do an amazing job. But not at the minute."

It comes just months after Extinction Rebellion also blocked Oxford Circus with a pink boat.

Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick told Nick Ferrari that it was a mistake to allow the pink boat on to Oxford Circus, but also insisted the police have no powers to stop such a stunt.

Police stand by the blue boat
Police stand by the blue boat. Picture: PA

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