Nick Ferrari brands a police officer ticking off a pupil over a stolen biscuit as 'mad'

26 March 2021, 11:46 | Updated: 26 March 2021, 11:47

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

'Over a stolen hobnob? We've gone mad' - Nick Ferrari is shocked by the case of a kid who was spoken to by a safer school police officer over the false claim that he stole a biscuit.

After news emerged that UK police forces have deployed 683 officers to schools Nick Ferrari tackled the issue.

Safer Schools Officers range from being a point of contact for teachers to more intensive interventions such as stop and search and surveillance of children suspected of being gang members.

One example which shocked Nick Ferrari was the case of Alex, 12, a pupil at a school in Bristol, had been in year 7 for less than two weeks when he was wrongly accused by a teacher of having stolen biscuits from the canteen at lunchtime.

Alex was initially told off by a teacher. But then the teacher asked a police officer based at the school to speak to him too.

"I mean if I was the copper I'd have said 'seriously, why don't you police the riot then and I'll have a job swap, what's the matter with you?'."

When the officer spoke to Alex he told him he would not be taken to the police station, "on this occasion."

This led Nick to point out the police "don't even come to your house if people kick the garage doors off."

"A stolen HobKnob? We've gone mad."