Police 'pander too much' to 'silly protests', ex-DCI tells LBC

14 September 2021, 10:32

By Sam Sholli

Former Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville has told that the police "pander too much" to "silly protests".

He made the comments to LBC's Nick Ferrari, after Insulate Britain protesters yesterday targeted the M25.

Speaking of the protesters targeting the M25, Nick said: "I would argue this was disproportionate and there should have been greater and swifter police action."

Nick then asked the former DCI if he agreed with his point of view, to which Mr Neville replied: "I absolutely agree."

Mr Neville went on to say that the police has a "band of Guardian-reading senior officers who recruit their own sort of kind".

He added: "And I think too many of these police officers empathise with these silly champagne socialists who do all this sort of activity."

The later said: "The police pander too much to these silly protests rather than the guys and girls who just want to get in their car and go to work."