Nick Ferrari's Powerful Reason Why Cabinet's Huawei Leak Is A GOOD Thing

26 April 2019, 08:44

This is Nick Ferrari's passionate defence of press freedom, which he believes is under threat following the backlash over the Huawei leak.

Ministers have reportedly been given an ultimatum to confess or deny whether they were behind a leak of secret discussions at the UK's National Security Council.

The Daily Telegraph was told about plans to give the Chinese telecoms firm Huawei a role in building Britain's 5G network.

But while people are criticising the leak, Nick believes it is a good thing.

Nick Ferrari explained why the leak over Huawei was a good thing
Nick Ferrari explained why the leak over Huawei was a good thing. Picture: PA / LBC

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "Believe me, when you wake up are this morning to a headline suggesting press freedom could be under attack as a result of that, you should be shaking under your duvet. And let me explain why.

"Since time began, and I'm speaking as an old newspaper man who was the son of an even older newspaper men, they have sought to cover up stories they do not want us to know about. History is littered with them.

"Listeners of a certain generation will remember a drug called Thalidomide. Thalidomide was a drug given to pregnant women because they were told that it would combat the problem of morning sickness. What it led to were children being born with hideous deformities, a real range of disabilities.

"And the government sought to cover that up. That they had authorised that drug for you to take.

"It was only because of what journalists are doing today in revealing the Huawei story that they did with Thalidomide.

"Everybody listening now must remember the MPs' expenses. Remember? When we were paying for everything from floating duck houses to Bounty bars and bathroom plugs and gingerbread biscuits. They tried to cover that up.

"They would love to cover up everything they possibly can.

"That is why this is so important, because a Prime Minister who clearly struggles to maintain any discipline, who has missed more deadlines than Crossrail and is probably stuck to a seat with the super glue that the protesters have used - and that's why they can't shift her. It is in their interests for this not to come out. And that is why it must."