Prince Andrew interview has damaged The Queen: Royal correspondent

18 November 2019, 10:34

A leading Royal correspondent has said the decision to allow Prince Andrew to take part in his disastrous interview will have damaged The Queen.

Prince Andrew stated that he had received approval from "higher powers" to take part in the interview about his relationship with disgraced paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Pundits believe that is referring to approval from The Queen.

And speaking to Nick Ferrari, Royal correspondent Peter Hunt said that decision will cause problems for Her Majesty.

He said: "This interview was his attempt to convince us a) that he didn't have sex with this woman Virginia Roberts three times, he said that three times in this interview.

"But also more importantly for us, the public, to forgive him for yet another lacks of judgement.

"The evidence is from Emily Maitlis, the interviewer, who has said twice now that this went 'higher up'. When Prince Andrew talks about 'higher up', he's not talking about the Queen's Private Secretary or the Master of the Household. He's talking about his mother, The Queen.

"That's important, because that shows that her judgement is also being questioned for allowing her residence, Buckingham Palace, to be used for this.

Prince Andrew's interview has damaged the Queen a Royal correspondent has said
Prince Andrew's interview has damaged the Queen a Royal correspondent has said. Picture: PA

"I suspect today, we will see coming out of Buckingham Palace what will be Operation Protect The Queen. I suspect there will be briefings suggesting that she didn't [know].

"But I think that's shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted."