Prince Harry 'doesn't need a uniform' to know he's served, friend Dean Stott tells LBC

16 April 2021, 10:13 | Updated: 16 April 2021, 10:16

By Fiona Jones

Prince Harry doesn't need to wear a military uniform as "he knows he's served his country," says his friend Dean Stott, following the announcement that all Royals will wear civilian clothing to Prince Philip's funeral.

It means the Duke of Sussex will not have to face being one of the only close family members who is not in uniform at Saturday's service.

Harry lost his honorary military titles after deciding to step down as a senior working royal.

Reports also suggest that the Duke of York was considering wearing an admiral's uniform - yet he also stepped down from royal duties over his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2019.

Mr Stott told LBC, "Harry served his country and he's made a sacrifice, he doesn't need a uniform to express that and so did his grandfather.

"They're both proud military men, that's one of the things they both had in common: they served in the military and they served in combat."

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Mr Stott said that the Duke of Edinburgh and Harry were "very close" as they were both similar individuals, being "very charismatic" and having a similar sense of humour.

He stressed that this is not the aspect of Saturday's service that should be focused on: "The important thing here is we should be paying our respects and celebrating the life of an individual...we shouldn't be worried about who's wearing what and who's sat with who."

Mr Stott branded it "incredibly disrespectful to the Queen and Prince Philip" that there has been so much focus on uniforms.

"Prince Philip was an amazing individual, he did so much for this country and I think everyone's getting very distracted."

The no-uniform rule has been described as "the most eloquent solution to the problem," a military source told The Sun.

The decision is a break with tradition for ceremonial royal funerals and will contrast with the strong military presence which will be on show to honour Philip, who served with distinction in the Second World War.

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