Former Minister Priti Patel Lays Into The Record Of Her Own Government

24 June 2019, 08:53 | Updated: 24 June 2019, 09:00

Priti Patel launched an extraordinary attack on the record of her own government as she called on Tory members to back Boris Johnson for Prime Minister.

The former International Development Secretary criticised the legacy of Theresa May's government and their inability to get the UK out of the EU.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, she said: "In the last three years, we've seen members of this government - the British government and the Cabinet - chiefly responsible for the decline of the country through their failure to deliver Brexit and the absolutely miserable and discredited Withdrawal Agreement, which I think Jeremy Hunt is still supporting.

"Boris is the only change candidate who is only focussed on delivering Brexit and getting us out of the European Union."

Nick Ferrari spoke to Priti Patel
Nick Ferrari spoke to Priti Patel. Picture: LBC / PA

Nick asked her if Mr Johnson's record as Foreign Secretary could work against him. She responded: "He was a very good Foreign Secretary actually."

Nick then put to her: "Would you say that to that poor woman in Iran - Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe?"

Ms Patel insisted: "She is still in Iran and she is still not being released right now."

Nick told her that Mr Johnson didn't help matters and then Ms Patel claimed: "He stuck with what was rightly so the Government's briefing and spoke about why she was in jail and what he in Government was doing to secure her release.

"Nothing has changed on that. She is still stuck there and it is a terrible, terrible situation."

Jeremy Hunt confirmed later on LBC that Ms Patel is wrong and that was not the Foreign Office line at any time.