Rachel Riley To Anti-Semites: “Your Abuse Makes Me Speak Out Against Racism More”

15 March 2019, 12:06

Rachel Riley has opened up about the “tonne of abuse” she has received after speaking out against anti-Semitism.

The Countdown host told LBC she’d been targeted by “horrible people” after calling out racism within the Labour party which had been “largely brushed under the carpet for a long time”.

“I saw a problem and I spoke out,” she told Nick Ferrari.

Rachel Riley spoke to Nick Ferrari on Friday
Picture: LBC

“I got a tonne of abuse, an absolute tonne of abuse, for one post in the first instance.”

She continued: “Basically these horrible people have inspired me to speak out, they’re proving my point.

“Whenever I say there’s a problem, they show me there’s a problem.

“They only have themselves to blame really. If they want me to stop talking about anti-Semitism, they can stop being anti-Semitic.”

Watch the interview above.