This Remainer is furious with Nick Ferrari's bid to get Big Ben to bong for Brexit

14 January 2020, 11:13 | Updated: 14 January 2020, 11:20

This caller was very angry with Nick Ferrari's campaign to crowdfund the money needed to get Big Ben to sound on Brexit Day.

Authorities have ruled out the famous bell tolling on 31st January for reasons of cost and logistics.

The House of Commons Committee said it would cost half a million pounds to get Big Ben ready to chime again at the end of the month.

Nick Ferrari started a campaign to get supporters of Brexit to donate. He offered £1,000 himself and got Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin to add £5,000.

But that really angered David, who insisted there was nothing to celebrate by leaving the EU.

Nick Ferrari had an entertaining row with David
Nick Ferrari had an entertaining row with David. Picture: LBC / PA

Asked if he supported Nick's campaign, David said: "No, you can't count on my support.

"What are we actually celebrating? Have we won a war or something? Where are we going?

"You want to celebrate something that has so divided the nation? You can celebrate it, but don't try to annoy the rest of the nation. Why do I want to hear Big Ben?"

But Nick told him: "David, don't listen to it then. I'm not making it mandatory! I'm not forcing everyone in the land to listen to it.

"I'm just saying that for those who see this as the dawn of a new life, why can't they hear it?"

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