"Rewarded For Screwing Up": Nick Ferrari's Brutal Take On Olly Robbins' Knighthood

10 September 2019, 08:46

Nick Ferrari questioned why Olly Robbins has been rewarded for failing over his Brexit deal.

The civil servant behind the failed Brexit deal was handed a knighthood in Theresa May's resignation honours list.

That is despite him being the man that a number of senior Leave figures blame for the failure of Brexit, believing he was frustrating the process.

Speaking about the knighthood on his LBC show, Nick said: "One fears the bulk of these folk have not the slightest shred of the contempt with which we view them.

"Quite rightly, they are paid well, because they're in responsible positions. So why at the end of presiding over what really has hardly been one of this nation's greatest moments in history, you then get rewarded with a gong or knighthood?

"They are on another planet.

Nick Ferrari gave his take on Olly Robbins
Nick Ferrari gave his take on Olly Robbins. Picture: PA / LBC

"Just imagine if you had screwed up to that degree, your bosses have given you a task to carry out, albeit quite a tricky one, three and a bit years ago, and you failed and you failed and you failed.

"And then whenever the Chief Executive stands down, and you get rewarded. It's no other place on Earth. Only in politics."

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