Rishi Sunak reveals where he will have his first half-price meal out

9 July 2020, 09:51

By Adrian Sherling

Rishi Sunak told Nick Ferrari he would celebrate the launch of his half-price meals scheme with a scrambled egg breakfast with Boris Johnson.

In yesterday's Summer Statement, the Chancellor unveiled the Eat Out To Help Out scheme, in which the government will cover the cost of 50% of a meal out up to the value of £10 per person.

Speaking the next morning, Nick Ferrari asked Mr Sunak what his first meal would be.

He responded: "The Prime Minister and I discussed going out for breakfast on the first day, so we'll see if we can make that happen if our schedules allow.

"You might spot us out having scrambled eggs somewhere."

Rishi Sunak revealed the first half-price meal he would enjoy
Rishi Sunak revealed the first half-price meal he would enjoy. Picture: LBC / PA

He also revealed he is a fan of Nando's and may well be going there throughout August.

He added: "We fuel a lot of our late night work sessions with things like Nando's."

Nick asked him if he knew the price of a chicken burger with fries at the restaurant, he responded: "What I can tell you is that it will be half of that price come August."