Nick Ferrari Takes On RMT Boss Over FA Cup Final Tube Strike

2 May 2019, 14:53 | Updated: 2 May 2019, 15:51

Nick Ferrari asks the boss of the RMT union about why they have chosen one of the busiest weekends in the sporting calendar for tube strike action.

The RMT union have announced strike action on the London Underground on May 17th - the Friday before the FA Cup final taking place at Wembley stadium.

The action is the result of a row over a reduction in safety checks and London Underground budget funding, according to the RMT General Secretary Mick Cash.

When Nick asked him why the weekend of the match was chosen for strike action, Mr Cash said: "Whatever time we do it we're going to have a problem because London tube network is busy all the time as you know."

Nick then asked: "Why not do it the weekend before when you haven't got 80,000 people trying to get to Wembley?"

Mr Cash, who has been a Watford fan since 1984, wouldn't reveal how he will be getting to the football match in which his team are playing.

He said: "I'm not going to talk about how I'm going to get there - I'm going to be meeting to speak to Sadiq Khan to get this matter sorted out.

"I'lll try and get there the best I can like everyone else.

"I don't think anyone wants to be in this position - our members certainly don't want to take industrial action.

"At the end of the day we're in a situation where cuts are being introduced along the London Underground.

"It's all about the Tory party decision to cut the subsidy to the London Underground and Sadiq Khan, a Labour Mayor, introducing Tory cuts."