Rory Stewart Asked Why He's Fighting Brexit When His Constituency Voted Leave

13 September 2019, 11:12 | Updated: 13 September 2019, 11:14

This is Rory Stewart's response when Nick Ferrari asked him why he is campaigning against Brexit when his constituency voted for it.

The MP has been leading the fight against a no-deal Brexit and was one of the 21 "Tory rebels" who had the whip withdrawn after voting against the government.

That's despite his Penrith and The Border constituency voting to leave 55% to 45%.

Nick put to him: "The country's voted to leave. Your whole constituency has voted to leave. How come you know better?"

Nick Ferrari grilled Rory Stewart about his constituency
Nick Ferrari grilled Rory Stewart about his constituency. Picture: LBC

Mr Stewart had an impressive response: "I believe in leaving. I voted consistently for a Brexit deal. I was probably the number one strongest advocate for that Brexit deal. I fought for it.

"But believing in Brexit is not the same as believing in a no-deal Brexit. There isn't a democratic mandate for a no-deal Brexit.

"The majority of my constituents don't want a no-deal Brexit. They want a sensible Brexit deal.

"Particularly farmers in my constituency do not want to be in a world where cheap food will come flooding in from Brazil, Argentina and the United States and we'll be locked out of Europe with 40-60% tariff barriers which will prevent us exporting that food.

"They want Brexit, but they don't want a no-deal Brexit."

Watch the full Rory Stewart phone-in below