Rory Stewart: "I'll train as a special constable if I become London Mayor"

23 January 2020, 14:44

Independent candidate Rory Stewart told Nick Ferrari that if he becomes London Mayor he'll train as a special constable and go out with the officers on the beat.

Mr Stewart told Nick he'd been spending "an enormous amount of time" with police officers and in communities such as Lambeth.

He said the most interesting thing has been seeing the amazing job the Metropolitan police are doing and "seeing all the opportunities where if we get the investment right we can make London safer."

The main priority is getting officers back in the neighbourhood, he said, and he wants to lead from the front.

"If I'm lucky enough to be Mayor I'd like to train as a special constable and have the opportunity to be out with the officers on the beat," Mr Stewart said, "I think it's very difficult to get a sense of how to do this...unless you're with the men and women on the front line."

Nick clarified that if Mr Stewart is the successful mayoral candidate, as well as the considerable duties of being London Mayor, he wants the responsibility of being a special.

"I'd love to do that," Mr Stewart said, and said he will gain the benefit of learning about what police officers have to deal with every day.

He said that reducing crime is his "number one priority" as Londoners deserve to be safe.

"We need to make the city safe everybody; for mothers, for businesses, unless the city's safe it can't flourish," he said, "it's about energy and action. There's a lot of talk, a lot of strategies but it's about getting on with it and getting behind the people who know what they're doing."