Rory Stewart: The Most Likely Thing To Defeat Boris Is Something Boris Does

26 June 2019, 08:27

Rory Stewart has backed Jeremy Hunt to be the next Prime Minister, saying that Boris Johnson cannot deliver the Brexit he is promising.

The former leadership candidate insisted we need a "sensible" Prime Minister to take the country through Brexit - and he warned that the thing most likely to derail Boris Johnson is something that Boris himself does.

And speaking to Nick Ferrari, he warned that the favourite's Brexit policy will leave everybody disappointed. He said: "I worry he is telling people what they want to hear, but he's going to disappoint everybody.

"There's going to be a moment, a morning on the 1st November probably, where all those MPs who he's told he's going to deliver the softest of soft Brexits will be disappointed and all those MPs who he's told he's going to take us out of the European Union on 31st October will be disappointed.

"This is a problem. One of the reasons that people are so fed up with politicians is this issue of trust.

"If we let them down again, make promises which we can't deliver because we're just telling people what they want to hear and we know we can't do them, we're storing up trouble for ourselves."

Rory Stewart in the LBC studio
Rory Stewart in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Mr Stewart confirmed he would vote against a no-deal Brexit, but would not back a confidence motion against the government.

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