"Russia Could Launch Cyber Attacks That Would Affect Us All"

11 April 2017, 08:03

A Defence journalist has told LBC that Russia could respond to the stand-off with the US with cyber attacks - and that would affect us all.

Deborah Haynes of The Times said that "the whole world has a stake" in how the situation in Syria plays out.

Theresa May and Donald Trump say now is the time to persuade Russia to end its support for Syria's leader, agreeing there is a 'window of opportunity'.

But if that doesn't work, Ms Haynes thinks Putin's response could be unpredictable.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC, she said: "The thing you have to remember about about the way that Putin operates is that this is not just confined to Syria.

"If action takes place in Syria, say for example another chemical weapons attack happened and America responds, it's not necessarily going to be a linear response by Russia.

"They could start making trouble in the Baltics. They could launch cyber attacks against against the US against the UK. And that creates a whole world of trouble which people are going to be factoring.

"And then there's the whole question of Crimea, does that play into diplomatic discussion?

"So it really is the whole world has a stake in this."