The Russian Caller Who Refuses To Believe Putin Is Meddling In The UK & US

14 November 2017, 09:38 | Updated: 14 November 2017, 09:49

This Russian caller refused to believe that Russia are spreading propaganda in other countries - despite both Theresa May AND Twitter saying they are.

Anna labelled the Prime Minister "bonkers" and insisted that she doesn't believe a word that she says.

She said: "Anyone, anywhere in the world can open a social media account. Anybody with half a brain can do it. So why has she talked about it now?"

When Nick mentioned the case of @SouthLoneStar, a Russian bot, which posted anti-Islam pictures in the aftermath of the Westminster terror attack, Anna interrupted, saying: "The Daily Mail does a perfectly good job of stirring up division in the UK society.

Nick Ferrari enjoyed his conversation with Anna
Nick Ferrari enjoyed his conversation with Anna. Picture: LBC

"They don't need a fake one-off Twitter account doing that."

Nick asked her if she was happy that these Kremlin-backed accounts were spreading misinformation and fake news, but again, Anna hit back.

"How do you know they Kremlin-backed?" she asked. Even when Nick explained, she simply wouldn't believe him.

What followed next was extremely entertaining. Watch the clip in full at the top of the page.