Sadiq Khan Tells Nick: 'London Is Still One Of The Safest Cities In The World'

23 March 2017, 09:50 | Updated: 23 March 2017, 10:54

Following the Westminster attack, Sadiq Khan paid tribute to PC Keith Palmer and told Nick Ferrari 'our city is still one of the safest in the world', thanks to police.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan spoke to Nick Ferrari to pay tribute to PC Keith Palmer, who was killed in the Westminster attacks, and to reassure listeners that London is still one of the 'safest cities in the world'. 

He said: "Keith Palmer, 48 years old, husband, a father, a Metropolitan Police officer, unarmed. Courageously on duty, protecting our city, protecting our parliament, keeping Londoners and visitors safe, and tragically killed by these terrorists yesterday.  

"And you and I both know, Nick, that literally there are thousands and thousands of police officers who, on a daily basis, go about their business recognising that when they leave home and go to work, there's a possibility they may be assaulted, or injured, and they recognise there's a possibility they could, in fact, lose their life.  

"And Keith Palmer, yesterday, tragically lost his life and my thoughts, and I know your thoughts, and your listeners' thoughts are with his family."

Nick then asked the London Mayor how safe the city is.

Sadiq replied: "Well one of the reasons why I think we are the safest global city in the world, and one of the safest cities in the world, is because we've got brave officers like Keith Palmer.  

"Literally we've got 31,000 brave officers like Keith Palmer.  They work really closely with the security services and with London's different communities to keep us safe, and on more than a dozen occasions since Fusilier Rigby was tragically murdered four years ago.  

"They've thwarted terror attacks on our cities, so on 13 occasions, terrorists have tried to kill Londoners, you know, destroy our way of life.  And because of the fantastic police service and security services we have, they've been thwarted.  

"Unfortunately yesterday this terrorist was successful, but our city still one of the safest cities in the world. Your listeners will see though, over the next few days, including today, additional armed officers across London, additional unarmed officers across London.  

"Not simply to keep us safe, but to reassure us and visitors, that we are a safe city."

Nick then asked Mr Khan for some more information about the investigation, saying: "If we look at the events of yesterday, what can you share with us, that the Met have told you about the attack?"

Sadiq said: "I''m afraid I can't tell you anything about the investigation, because obviously I've got to protect the police doing their job, but what I can share with you, is what Mark Rowley already shared with the public in relation to the arrest made overnight, the properties are raided.  

"What I, what I can also confirm is the fact that there was just the one attacker yesterday and obviously, what the police are trying to do, is to ensure that they investigate as thoroughly as they can, any contacts and associates that this person may have. 

"The threat level remains at severe, and just to remind your listeners what that means. That's been the threat level for a number of years now, which means that an attack is highly likely.  

"But also, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe last year made the point, that when it comes to an attack, the question was not if, but when. 

"And what you saw yesterday, I'm afraid, was a successful attack in the sense that the terrorists succeeded in killing and injuring Londoners, and visitors, but the numbers of lives lost, and the numbers of people injured, is far less than it could have been, because of the practice and preparation, the police and security services, and emergency services do."