Sajid Javid doesn't rule out vaccine passports for the pub

15 September 2021, 11:21

By Tim Dodd

Health Secretary Sajid Javid didn't rule out the potential for vaccine passports to be introduced to go to the pub this winter, when speaking to Nick Ferrari.

It comes as Mr Javid told the Commons yesterday that the government is "not going ahead with any plans" to introduce vaccine passports but that "to keep it in reserve is the right thing to do".

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Nick Ferrari asked: "Are we going to see vaccine passports to go to the pub Secretary of State?"

"No, I don't believe we are, unless... If something happens that means that we have to take further measures, then we will," Mr Javid said.

"And that may well include vaccine passports as a reserve measure.

"There may be a new variant that may be infectious, and god forbid, it might be a vaccine-escape variant... In that situation we have to be ready to take further action."

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