Sajid Javid responds to calls to scrap label 'BAME'

29 March 2021, 11:46

By Sam Sholli

Former Chancellor Sajid Javid responded on LBC to Boris Johnson's racial disparity commission calling for the label BAME to be scrapped.

The Tory MP gave his perspective on the issue after a racial disparity commission set up by Boris Johnson has reportedly found the term is "unhelpful and redundant" and should be scrapped.

The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities is also understood to have found that people from ethnic minority backgrounds generally prefer to be described using the term "ethnic minority" over "BAME" or "people of colour".

Speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari, Mr Javid said: "I welcome this report. I haven't seen it yet. I've just seen the report that you've mentioned on it.

"And I can understand that kind of recommendation. I mean personally I've never felt particularly like using that word.

"I just think it's a sort of catch-all that doesn't really distinguish between some of the differences between different ethnic minority groups, which sometimes you would want to for all the right reasons.

"So I haven't given it much thought. But I welcome this whole report. I'm just pleased that when the Prime Minister actually asked for this report to be put together, he put together a panel which shows that the Government are taking these issues very seriously."

Mr Javid's comments have also come after The National Police Chiefs’ Council chair Martin Hewitt has said police forces are suffering from a low level of legitimacy in black communities.