Islamic scholar claims Afghan women 'discovered a voice' under Taliban rule

23 August 2021, 10:00 | Updated: 23 August 2021, 10:40

By Tim Dodd

Islamic Sharia Council scholar Khola Hasan tells LBC women "discovered a voice" under the previous Taliban rule where they could "air their grievances".

It comes as the religious blogger yesterday claimed "every single person I know as a Muslim or as friends are celebrating and saying give them a chance", referring to the Taliban.

Nick Ferrari started the interview by playing a clip of Ms Hasan's previous claims, asking: "What is it specifically they're celebrating?"

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Ms Hasan replied: "I was speaking to John Butt, who's written a book, a Talib's tale. He's an Englishman who lived in Afghanistan for many decades.

"He was saying that Talib leaders would come to him and say we've got these issues, can you explore those in your programme, please? And they would actually listen and learn and say we're learning so much about our own society.

"The other thing he said was that the muslim women who generally were very, very repressed and didn't have a voice, they were discovering a voice under Taliban rule.

"They were actually learning to air their grievances, they were going up to the leadership and saying these are the things we're unhappy with, sort it out please."

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Nick interjected: "If that was the situation, why is it we're seeing thousands of people, in some instances passing their children over barbed wire, if the Taliban is to be celebrated?"

Ms Hasan replied: "When NATO forces and American forces were in power, how many young boys and families and children did we see getting into rubber dinghies and crossing the ocean to get to Europe?"

"That's not answering my question," Nick replied.

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