Nick Ferrari Grills Senior Met Officer On Why They Let Extinction Rebellion Park A Boat

18 July 2019, 15:05

A senior Met Police officer has defended the force's decision to help Extinction Rebellion park a boat on The Strand.

Officers gave the the climate change group's blue boat a police escort to the Royal Courts of Justice as they started their protest on Monday.

Nick Ferrari was baffled why the Met were helping to move the boat, rather than confiscating it and stopping them causing traffic chaos.

But Laurence Taylor, the Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Operations at the Metropolitan Police, told Nick they felt the decision to speed up the transport of the boat would be the best option.

Laurence Taylor, who was in charge of the Met's response
Laurence Taylor, who was in charge of the Met's response. Picture: PA / LBC

Nick then asked why they could park a boat in the middle of The Strand, while if he parked his car in the middle of a busy high street, the police would tow it almost instantly.

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