Sir Kenny Dalglish: Football fans must prove they're Covid negative before entering stadiums

6 April 2021, 11:22

By Sam Sholli

Liverpool FC legend Sir Kenny Dalglish has told LBC he is calling for football fans to prove they are Covid negative before entering the stadium.

Sir Kenny made his case as Boris Johnson has come under scrutiny for giving his backing to so-called "vaccine passports" to allow large-scale events to go ahead.

The Prime Minister confirmed at a press conference last night that they are going to be trialled from mid-April - but Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has called the idea "un-British".

Speaking about his desire for fans to prove they're Covid negative before entering stadiums, Sir Kenny told LBC: "it's not a difficult thing to put in place".

He said: "For peace of mind, if I was going to a football match and the crowds were back, I would want to know that I've taken the test, which is optional."

"Everybody won't think the same. But I would like to know that I would take the test and then if I'm sitting watching the match the guy next to me is under no threat or the people around about me."

Sir Kenny added: "I think it's pretty simple and straightforward. For me, to get the test, it's so simple."

The football icon also praised the Government for doing "brilliantly" with its vaccination programme.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has also confirmed that lockdown measures in England will be relaxed as planned on Monday 12 April.

The Prime Minister argued the relaxation of restrictions is "fully justified" but warned the British public not to be complacent.

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