Skullbreaker craze: The vicious YouTube prank putting youngsters in danger

2 March 2020, 09:06

A new craze has been sweeping social media called "The Skullbreaker Challenge" and it's one all parents need to know about.

The challenge, also known as the Jump Trip Challenge, has caused serious injuries to the heads and backs of children and left them with broken bones.

It has been sweeping social media platforms YouTube and TikTok.

In the videos, three youngsters stand next to each other. The two on the outside jump as high as they can to show the middle person what to do. But when the middle person jumps, the other two sweep their legs away from them, causing them to fall sharply backwards.

A spokesperson for TikTok said: "We do not allow content that encourages, promotes, or glorifies dangerous challenges that might lead to injury and will remove any such reported content."

Nick Ferrari thinks all parents need to warn their children about this dangerous craze.